With a modern & fully equipped design office, Fire Technology has the means to produce a range of detailed designs & documentation in accordance with both Australian and international standards. The range of fire system disciplines we can provide cover;

FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS: Fire Technology can provide fire sprinkler design to both Australian and international standards, we examine each project and provide the best possible outcome for both time constraints and budget. We prepare our design drawings using CAD programs, co-ordinating with all other services available at the time of design, detailing all items such as hanger supports, control valve schematics, material schedules, pipe sizes and hydraulic calculations.
The following is a list of systems we can provide designs for.

FIRE HYDRANT & HOSEREEL SYSTEMS: Fire Hydrant and Hosereel systems, pumps, hosereels and or hydrant outlets throughout buildings, provide a ready means of water supply at hand. A fire can be quickly quelled by the application of water to affected areas.

GAS SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS: Typically used in areas such as, computer rooms, substations, LPG storage tanks, etc. Gas Systems eliminate the use of water, using a wide range of suppression agents. The system leaves no residue and clean agents are safe to breathe once the fire has been eliminated.

CAD DETAILING: For those clients with technical know-how but short on time, we can provide CAD detailed designs in line with any level of documentation provided related to all fire systems.

INSPECTION & CERTIFICATION: Fire Technology has the expertise and qualification to provide Inspection & certification of fixed fire systems in many disciplines.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Where your internal expertise does not lend itself to cover Fire Systems we can provide management assistance tailored to suit your project specific needs.

PROCUREMENT ASSISTANCE: As a result of our 4 plus decades of industry involvement we have extensive contacts and associations to assist in obtaining all industry products from the best and most competitive suppliers direct to our clients.

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